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.s. president ordered a review of evidence gathering methods and follows that the national security agency bugged the phones of world leaders including allies in europe. a video showing hostages in the philippines being shot at last month and the military said they were caught in the cross fire as the army fought rebels. karzai is in pakistan and will meet later in london and hoping it will lead to taliban peace talks. at least two fighters have been killed in the u.s. drone strike in somalia and it was on the outskirts of the town and one killed is believes to be abraham ali and he is an expert in the bomb division and it targeted the car they were traveling in. the pakistan school teacher and children will be the first drone victims to testify before the u.s. congratulator on tuesday. since 2004 there have been over 376 drone strikes on pakistan and they estimate up to 3613 pack -- pakistans and 1500 injured and they were hit by a strike a year ago and they traveled to washington to tell their story and this is kimberly. >> it happened a little more than a year ago but for 12-year-old,
is the head of the national security agency, this is his life testimony before congress. there have been no willful violations. there have been 12 other a decade. the majority of those were done in foreign space on foreigners. i think that's important to understand. for our foreign partners and our allies. we hold ourselves to that same standard. no matter if we operate here or abroad. if we do something that does not fall within an intelligence requirement, it is wrong. so we hold our people accountability and we report to this committee. as we go forward in the future, one thing we talks about, this is a tough time for nsa, where everybody says what are you doing, or why are you doing it. but leer is what we do. when we get together, we don't -- well, maybe a couple times weeweeing but we say, it is much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings, and it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today telling you why we defended these programs then having given them up, and have
of the national security agency was collecting phone records of tens of millions of americans and u.s. allies in latin america got angry after revelations nsa ran a surveillance program and this is echoed by european leaders after the monitoring of spain and france and italy and it's not just ordinary people, citizens, phone calls of up to 35 world leaders were also tapped. the german chancellor's phone may have been monitored for up to ten years. and this is the former cia officer is joining me now from healthfield in england and you are back from the united states, what are your friends in the intelligence community saying about this there? >> it has become a political event in the united states. the issue is not so much whether or not the united states was surveilling other countries. the issue has now become what did the administration or the senate oversight committee know about what was going on. and that has become a very political hot potatoe and the one responsible for over seeing operations to include those of the national security agency is a woman named diane feinstein and she has
that his the national security agency bugged the phones of several world leaders including allies in europe. video of hostages being shot at during a siege. a philippine army says they were caught in the cross fire as the army fought rebels. a u.n. report says syria will meet a looming deadline to destroy the chemical weapons and equipment. it's supposed to be completed three days from now. >>> the u.n. special envoy to syria is due to meet members of the opposition the day after he met president assad in du damas. he is trying to bring together all sides of the conflict for proposed peace talks in geneva but so far he's failed to convince several opposition factions, rob reports. >> reporter: once more he faces what many would call a near impossible task, a return to damascus trying to muster some or indeed any enthusiasm for talks in find ago i way out of syria's crisis. but it's not just a matter of getting two sides to the table, before that, he has to try to knit together a fractured rebel opposition, much of which doesn't even want to be involved. >> the international community wants
congress is the head of the national security agency, dr. keith alexander. we'll show you that at 1:30 this afternoon. an apology by marilyn tavener. she was testifying before a sharply critical house committee. >>> it's been one year since hurricane sandy hit the new york and new jersey coast lines. the cleanup tapped to exceed $65 billion. >> i'm dave warren with your national forecast. two different extremes between the west coast and the east coast, winter storm out west, many winter weather advisories and storm warnings in effect, dumping a lot of snow over the montana area, that storm still centered over nevada but beginning to movies. cold air is behind it, warm air ahead of it. 80s and 70s from memphis to houston, billings, montana, 44. outlook for thursday, halloween, looks like we'll have the warm air coming up over the great lakes as it starts to push east and rain and colder temperatures there in the northern plains as the cold air comes behind it. what to expect, in new york, rain wednesday and thursday could linger into friday. temperatures upper 60s loafer 70s. drying
the national security agency can keep spying on foreign leaders. this after revelations the nsa was spying on at least 35 world leaders, including german chancellor angela merkel. dianne feinstein says the program needs to end. >> we're heading toward the 70- degree mark temperature wise later this week. >> kind of warm later yesterday, too. how long will we stay in the 70s? howard has the answer vo: the tea party. government shutdown. dangerous politics. first they gave us ken cuccinelli... and now mark obenshain for attorney general. obenshain voted to ban the birth control pill, and outlaw abortion, even for victims of rape and incest. and on gun safety, obenshain opposes comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the violently mentally ill. mark obenshain: a dangerously wrong turn for virginia. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general and i sponsored this ad. . >>> 5:15 on this tuesday morning. as i drive into work, i see more decorates and lights for halloween. the forecast is what everyone is excited about. >> it's going to be a pretty good
of the leaders appeared before congress is the head of the national security agency, general keith alexandar who will have live coverage of that hearing coming up. marilyn about the problems with the affordable care health act exchange. the head of the senate for medicaid and medicare services was testifying before a sharply critical house committee. it has been one year now since hurricane sandy slammed new york and new jersey, people still dealing with insurance claims the clean up of hurricane sandy estimated to top $65 billion. >> a woman is sexually assaulted on a college campus, her attacker made a once in a lifetime bad decision. the men behind these life altering crimes are often repeat offenders. this week al jazeera's program america tonight is foe discussing on the problem in a special series called sex crimes on campus. private and pricy, with a post card perfect campus, is known for it's commitment to social justice. so it is even more striking that this campus is rivetted by reports of rape and sexual assault, much of it allegedly committed by repeat offenders. >> i ended up walkin
newspaper says the national security agency tracked millions of phone calls. reporters for el mundo said they logged 60 million calls last december and january. they say the agents tracked the numbers of calls and where they took place. they say the agency did not store the content of the calls. the reporters cited classified documents provided by former nsa contractor edward snowden. spanish government officials summoned the u.s. ambassador for an explanation. spanish law prohibits the collecting of such information without permission. >>> german media are reporting that agents also bugged chancellor angela merkel's phone. u.s. officials have not denied the allegation but say no such surveillance is taking place now. they say they're conducting a review of their intelligence gathering methods. >> i noted the other day a readout from a phone call the president had with chancellor merkel made clear that we do not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications. >> carney said last summer president barack obama ordered a comprehensive review of how the u.s. gathers intelligence. he sa
intelligence collection programs. feinstein released a statement saying the national security agency didn't keep her committee properly informed of certain surveillance activities. the committee is responsible for overseeing the work and budget of the intelligence community. she says that oversight needs to be strengthened and increased. feinstein went on to say it's a big problem that president barack obama was not aware agents were monitoring german chancellor angela merkel's communications since 2002. she said she's opposed on gathering intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies. they face questions after questions regarding the nsa's work. they say the u.s. does not and will not monitor merkel's communications, and they say they're conducting a review of their intelligence gathering methods. >> we're acknowledging the tension this has caused. we understand this has caused concern in countries that are -- that represent some of our closest relationships internationally. and we're working to allay those concerns and to discuss these issues. >> carney said last summer president obama ordered
department. they will testify on what type of stlans the national security agency can and cannot do. the white house says president obama was not aware the nsa was spying on world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel. the leak came from documents stolen by edward snowden. >> yahoo!'s ceo is the owner of the oldest funeral home. marissa meyer is the new owner of the funeral home located on more than an acre on the corner of middlefield road and addison avenue about a block east of meyer's home. sourlss told the paper they think that meyer is going to use it for residential purposes. they will go out of business in two days on halloween. >> this morning the birthplace of the apple computer is officially part of history. the los altos historical commission voted unanimously to turn the childhood home of late co-founder steve jobs into an historical site. it means the home is now protected so a builder cannot come in and demolish it. the plan is to put up a plaque in front of the home where jobs and steve wozniak built the first 50 apple one computers in 1976. jobs' stepmot
, the house intelligence committee holds a hearing on surveillance programs by the national security agency. now this follows the new allegations the nsa has been spying on foreign leaders. lawmakers said they want the talk about potential -- to talk about potential changes for the foreign intelligence surveillance act to increase transparency, and also to rebuild confidence in those programs. >>> well, syrian hackers claim they hacked president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites supporting syrian president assad. the syrian electronic army has hacked into several very prominent websites including the "new york times." >>> well, we are getting more details about the case of a castro valley nursing home where 14 people were found abandoned. now yesterday we got a look inside the home on saturday, the people were removed by paramedics after someone called for an ambulance. there were just three staff members on duty. the owner's attorney said she spent more than $100,000 fixing up the nursing home. she says she was fixing
that the national security agency eavesdroped on german chancellor angela merkel. the n.s.a.'s director, army general keith al sander the, defended the general practice of surveillance in the u.s. and abroad to prevent terrorist attacks. >> there has not been a mass casualty here in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck! they didn't stop hating us. they didn't say that they were going to just forgive this. they continue to try. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that has stood up and said this is our job and we do it without w our partners and allies. >> reporter:. >> woodruff: house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers also defended the efforts. >> the way we go forsword to make sure our programs are protected and by people who are doing their best not be demonized in the process. this is the time for leadership? a very dangerous and chaotic world. it's not a time to apologize. >> woodruff: on the other hand, democrat jan schakowsky of illinois underscored concerns by some that the surveillance has gone too far. >> why did we not
security agency. it's expected to be called the usa freedom map. authored by a democratic senator and republican senator. the measure would hamper the nsa's ability to collect bulk phone records, provide restrictions against who the nsa can target and requires the government to delete information it collects accidentally. in an op-ed piece for the, the sponsors write: >> the freedom act has a dozen co-spoon stores in the senate. >> the nsa is accused of listening to 60 million always. the u.s. ambassador in madrid was summoned to spain's office to answer questions. >> questions from president obama's party, the head of the senate committee said: >> more on that story. >> the white house unwilling to dress the specific allegations of mass surveillance in spain that have been revealed in the press over the last few days. they talked in more general terms about the scope of their surveillance. anonymously the white house is briefing the press after its side of the story, when it comes to angela merkel's surveillance. >> at the how's the presidential spokesman refused to
of foreign leaders. the allies are said they're furious the national security agency monitored their phone calls. >> and intelligence sources tell the "los angeles times" that the white house did approve many of those operations. margaret brennan, good morning. >> did morning. they're upset by the volume of information collected by the nsa. they want to know what was done with it. they'll have meetings at the white house and the state department today. a lot of these questions will be one answered. president obama said there should be additional constraints on how the u.s. gathers intelligence. he told cable channel fusion. >> what we've over the past few year their compat capacities continue to develop and expand. that's why i'm issuing a national review to what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean that they should be doing. >> reporter: the president would not say he knew that the nsa has been monitoring german chancellor merkel since 2002. in a statement released on - monday dianne feinstein said it is clear to me that certain surveillance activities have been in
of the morning. the white house is reviewing all u.s. surveillance programs after reports national security agency was spying on some 35 world leaders and the top senator on the senate intelligence committee says he is totally opposed to that surveillance and that data collection will not continue. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is here to talk more about all of this. it's pretty interesting where things have gotten with this spying controversy, john. the white house is saying they're going to review the spying policy of foreign leaders but dianne feinstein, she is not happy. she says she's been kept in the dark and wants a further review that she's going to spreer heea. >> dianne feinstein was a defender of the nsa, saying most of the intelligence gathering was necessary. but she defended most of the practices. now she's not happy. she doesn't think she's getting straight answers from the agency and sometimes the white house. she's promising tougher scrutiny. that's a signal to the administration, significantly in this latest case she put out a statement saying the administra
at the national security agency, lawmakers want to know how extensive were these surveillance programs, now there are allegations that there were ordinary citizens in europe that we spied on in addition to world leaders, so some of those questions expected to come up today. the senate intelligence committee likely to hear from them at some point. california's own senator dianne feinstein, the head of that committee said with respect to nsa collection of intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies including france, spain, mexico and germany, she says let me state i am totally opposed. a top democrat in the senate from california, opposed to what the administration is now trying to explain. as of this morning a senior administration official is saying they may scale back the program. it's under white house review. they may actually now stop the surveillance on world leaders and heads of state as the review continues. >> they may stop. thank you, tracie. >> today the house will question medicare chief who faces questions about problems many americans had trying to sign up for health insurance on he
of national intelligence and general keith alexander, the head of the national security agency, the nsa, will be testifying answering questions, presumably about the nsa surveilance program including reports over the past few days that the u.s. has been spying on allied leaders, including monitoring the personal cell phone of the german chancellor angela merkel. we'll monitor what's going on, bring you the highlights. stand by for that. right now he's just opening up the hearing. meanwhile, president obama is being hammered on many fronts right now. how much did he know about the surveilance of friendly allies? why didn't he know about the problems that were going to plague the health care website? i want you to listen to part of the new article from cnn's chief political analyst gloria borger she just wrote and posted on i'll read you a line. the ultimate irony may be this. a president who extols the virtues of government has now been sucked into the big government vortex experiencing up close and personal as they say what it feels like to lose control to the bureaucrats. the
security agency. this follows the recent allegations that the nsa has been spying on foreign leaders. lawmakers want to discuss potential changes to the foreign intelligence surveillance act to increase transparency and rebuild confidence in the program. >>> 8:18. former new england's patriot tight end aaron hernandez already accused of murder may have been involving in a gun- running scheme. and now another nfl player is involved in this accident. hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and weapons charges in the shooting death of odin lloyd. now, sports illustrated reports miami dolphins center mike pouncey was subpoenaed on sunday. that subpoena is reportedly related to the investigation into hernandez and his possible involvement in gun trafficking. pouncey is a close friend of hernandez. police view him as a witness. but he's not been charged with a crime. >>> a new digital billboard is headed to daly city. the sign will be put up at the northeast corner of the shopping center and visible to commuters on interstate 280. the sign will be donated by the westlake park community cent
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)